We are only a drop in the world. There are millions of users most of them produce new ideas, about earning money from the web and then appy it. But unfortunately only a few get succesful.

Not to be on the loosers side, you may sell your ideas. First of all you should get the name of the web site you want to form. This is the easiest part of it. Next you have to a web site to show you project. This might be a social web site like facebook or twitter. The content depends on your imagination.

If you have concrete idea which you want to show via your web site, you might attract the attention of the large investors. Couse in the following years being online going to grow.

On of the important points is the prepare a presentation file for your projects to the investors. On the investory eye depends how effectively you presentation. If you have a business model which hasnt been done before on your mind,  i like to advice you to take its patent first. This will prevent the theft of your idea.

Ongun Akay
Digital Marketing Consultant

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